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When Do I Water My Landscape?

The only time your irrigation system should be operating is when there has not been sufficient rainfall and the soil moisture requires replenishment. The rate at which moisture is lost in your landsape is directly related to the weather. There is a "standard belief" in the industry that this needs to be 3+ cycles per week. A City of Calgary study reported that the average timer based system was using 4 1/2 times more water than necessary per summer.

Required Number of Waterings for Calgary:

Automated Option:
Climate Controlled Irrigation Control System

Climate Controlled Irrigation Systems receive hourly ET weather updates which accurately measure the moisture loss in your landscape and moisture gained through both rainfall and irrigation. When your soil moisture balance requires supplemental watering (irrigation), your irrigation will water that night. The irrigation system will only apply enough moisture to refill the soil profile without run off or waste.

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Manual Option:

Do not arbitrarily set your irrigation timer for set days of the week. When your landscape shows the intial signs of stress, set the irrigation timer to operate that night - preferably in the early morning. Water just before sunrise to reduce extended wet periods and minimize the potential for disease.

Jetstream Irrigation believes watering should only occur when the soil moisture is depleted.