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Efficiency In Irrigation

Irrigation Efficiency is comprised of:

  1. Efficient Application - how efficiently water is applied to your landscape
  2. Efficient Scheduling - when and how long to water

It is important to construct an irrigation system that Efficiently Applies Water to your landscape but it is even more important to ensure that the irrigation schedule is adjusted correctly. Uniform coverage, and a design that takes into account the varying micro-climates and plant material creates the "potential" for proper watering but the irrigation schedule must be programmed and adjusted to only apply water when needed. A highly efficient irrigation system that is poorly scheduled will simply "more efficiently waste water." Following best horticultural practices, your irrigation system should be programmed for deeper, less frequent watering and to prevent run off and waste. In other words, Irrigation should only occur when the moisture in the soil requires replenishment, not because it is Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. Watering too often and for too long is harmful to the plants, leaches out nutrients, pollutes the environment, and with increasing water rates - a waste of money.

Calgary Rates

Calgary Residential
Water & Sewer Rates
2013: $2.4415 / m³
2014: $2.7269 / m³
2015: $2.9076 / m³
Calgary Irrigation
Meter Rates
2013: $2.0640 / m³
2014: $2.2188 / m³
2015: $2.8886 / m³

There are four key elements in understanding water use in irrigation:

  1. When to water
  2. How long to water
  3. Efficiently applying water
  4. Maintenance

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