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Constructing an Efficient Irrigation System

The length of time your system should be watering is based on three factors:

  1. Choose the Most Appropriate Method of Applying Water to Your Landscape

    There are many different products and methods of applying water to your landscape. The newest and latest technology may not necessarily be the most appropriate. One important consideration is how you plan to manage and maintain your landscape. Your irrigation consultant should discuss your situation and choose the most efficient technology available for your application.
  2. Design Your Irrigation System to Apply Water Evenly

    The design and layout of the irrigation system is critical to ensure an even, and appropriate, distribution of water. Sprinklers must be spaced evenly and according to manufacturers recommendations. Hydro-zones should be separated based on micro-climate and plant type. By example, hot, sunny areas need more water than shaded or partially shaded areas and annuals and perennials require different watering schedules than turf grass. High efficiency products perform poorly in the wrong application or when improperly installed.
  3. Choose Quality Products

    There are many different irrigation manufacturers producing products to apply water to your landscape. Some key features that will improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs are: pressure compensation, high efficiency nozzles, the installation of swing assemblies, and choosing commercial grade components. Low quality products will cost more to maintain and are less efficient. The cost of water is often overlooked when evaluating the cost of installing an irrigation system.
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