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Climate Controlled Irrigation

The average irrigation system is applying 4.5 times more water in a season than what is required. That is a total of 8' of water on your landscape when only 2' or less is required. With water prices increasing and the health of your expensive plants in jeopardy, there is a better way.

Climate Controlled Irrigation Systems receive hourly ET weather updates to accurately measure the moisture loss and moisture gained from rainfall. The irrigation will only operate when soil moisture level requires replenishment and the irrigation system will only apply enough moisture to refill the soil profile without run off or waste.

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Residential Irrigation Systems in Calgary

Example: Water Waste Cost of Water
Waste (2012)
Cost of Water
Waste (2014)
Typical residential
236,000 litres $643.55 $686.20
City of Calgary
Water Rates are Rising!

Calgary Rates

Calgary Residential
Water & Sewer Rates
2013: $2.4415 / m³
2014: $2.7269 / m³
2015: $2.9076 / m³
Calgary Irrigation
Meter Rates
2013: $2.0640 / m³
2014: $2.2188 / m³
2015: $2.8886 / m³

Commercial and Multi-Family Irrigation Systems in Calgary

Typical Water Savings:

The average Commercial / Multi-Family property has a return on investment in water savings of one (1) watering season. Request a free quotation today!