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Residential Service Packages

(Multi-Family and Commercial Service Packages are quoted individually based on property size)

Bronze Package $165* Silver Package $240* Gold Package $390* Plantinum Package $580*
start up
start up
mid-season inspection
start up
monthly inspection
start up
monthly inspection
annual ET weather
service fee

Individual Service Calls*

Start Up $95 includes charging lines, sprinkler adjustment, programming controller, and complete system inspection.
Mid-Season $85 complete system check, sprinkler adjustment as required, and controller adjustment for seasonality.
Winterization $85 purge water from lines in preparation for the winter season
Annual ET Fee $200 (hourly ET weather service for Climate Controlled Irrigation)
* note: prices do not include cost of repairs if necessary. One (1) hour of Labour is included with each service visit. Parts and additional labour invoiced as required.

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